Yogi se Yeddyurappa tak. Lucknow taken, Karnataka to be BJPlured?


Yogi se Yeddyurappa tak. Lucknow taken, Karnataka to be BJPlured?   

Amit Shah, BJP’s master strategist has indicated the leader in the May 2018 elections for the Karnataka assembly. Mr. Yeddyurappa, ex-Chief Minister would be face of BJP. This may not have come as much of a surprise to many. But it definitely raises some uncomfortable questions.

Yeddyurappa, a prominent symbol of corruption by power

There have been allegations aplenty about the abuses of power by Yeddyurappa. His closeness to and dealings with the infamous Reddy brothers had put BJP on the backfoot in Karnataka.  This was also a strong reason behind the Karnataka electorate voting the BJP out of power. If the BJP again stoops to pick Yeddyurappa to conquer Karnataka, it would only confirm that even for the BJP, politics trumps governance.

What a Fall, after choosing Yogi in UP    

The BJP’s choice is all the more glaring after it famously chose a young and dynamic leader like Yogi Adityanath to govern Uttar Pradesh. The BJP’s senior leaders have also been highlighting the corruption free three years’ governance at the Centre. One has to admit in all fairness that this has been one of the ‘most working’ governments in recent times. 

But Yeddyurappa’s choice doesn’t show the BJP in great light. The BJP may not wish to take much risk with the only state in South India with some amount of traction. It is also amongst the largest states from a GDP perspective. There are some reports indicating it has overtaken Uttar Pradesh recently to be number three in the Indian GSDP rankings. Only TN (a relatively close second) and Maharashtra (a very strong first) are bigger economically.  

Yogi, Yeddyurappa and Edapaadi Palaniswamy (TN)

If BJP does win Karnataka, it would add to its list of heavyweight states under its governance. It already has Maharashtra, UP, Gujarat Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh in the Top 10 (GDP wise). If the BJP loses, it would almost certainly be due to the yeddy currents of its own making.  

One’s take without batting an eyelid is that Yogi will ensure Karnataka and TN don’t have it easy. It will take the southern states some doing to keep UP from overtaking them. A healthy competition between states is good for India. Jai Ho! If 

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