Ya, Go… Stretch Your Limits with Yoga! Mental, Physical, Spiritual.


International Day of Yoga

Greetings on this International Day of Yoga. Let us all stretch our limits. Limits to Health- mental, spiritual beyond the physical.  Let us also stretch limits to possibilities. Possibilities to appreciate the efforts taken around us. Thirstyano Ronaldo may not be a yoga enthusiast, but he has surely pushed the limits for Celebrity Activism. So much so that these days, we have come to expect many others to follow suit. Peer Pressure of a different kind.    

Pascal’s Law In the Middle East – No Peace of Mind

Speaking of pressure, the US may note with concern the developments in Iran with the change of Presidency. Al Khamenei continues however. The US may even nickname him uncharitably (had they known Hindi) as ‘Kamina’. But more deserving of that epithet, Rascal would be the Leader who saw chemical weapons in Iraq where there weren’t any.  

If War wasn’t necessary, we would have to invent it to give Peace a Chance

So Sad, Damn peace. Let’s wage a war. That reminds one of Pascal’s law and the relationship amidst Force, Pressure & Area. The middle east is one sad area on earth which continues to see so much Force and pressure. But with an hardliner succeeding reformist Rouhani, there is no Raisi-ng hopes of peace either.

A Billion Doses Beg Disbelief – not in the deed, but in the delay

China meanwhile has claimed a billion doses of the COVID vaccine has been given. One wonders why it so long? Maybe just the announcement has been delayed.