Way to improve coffers ‘Fat-Tax’ se? Kerala FM’s ‘Fat Wah’ on Junk Food!

fat-tax se coffers up, Kerala FM's fat waa on junk food,
picture courtesy: blog.robard.com

In a first for India, an Indian State has decided to use financial levers to discourage junk food. A Fat-tax of 14.5% will be levied on all items like Pizzas and Burgers. Whether the state’s coffers will get enriched Fat-tax se , one can’t predict quickly. But this looks like a very win-win situation. If the public turns a blind eye to the tax and continues with its ‘obese’ diets, the state stands to gain monetarily. On the other hand, if this additional effect on the food bill, encourages healthier eating, the state is still the beneficiary at large.       

Looks like a win-win situation. One guesses, Kerala’s FM Mr Thomas Issac has got a bulls-eye with this Fat-WahKya Bhaat Hai.

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