VCs meeting Sasikala. Governor of Tamil Nadu questions TN Higher Education Secretary over Vice Chancellors’ conduct

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TN VCs meeting Sasikala

A week ago, there were reports of the Vice Chancellors (VCs) of 10 Universities in Tamil Nadu meeting Ms Sasikala Natarajan. The group also had two Registrars. This has raised eyebrows. Mr Stalin, the opposition leader in TN has raised questions on propriety and governance. Ms Sasikala, readers would recollect, does not hold any government role nor is an educationist.

The Governor of Tamil Nadu Mr Vidyasagar Rao has sought an explanation from the Higher Education Secretary, Mr A Karthik over this meeting. Reports have also questioned this reaction, since as the Chancellor, Mr Rao should have ideally asked his appointees the VCs directly.

Cool Chilli’s Comments

Traditionally Hindu/Vedic philosophy speaks about the one and only absolute ‘Brahman’ (the soul within each one and the Universe itself). This ancient philosophy is also sufficiently evolved to have wonderfully nuanced segmentation. Marketing and Business minds would appreciate the importance of segmentation and how it evolves with the brand.

We have the male powers Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva as Creator, Preserver and Destroyer. We also have the their respective consorts, female deities, Sarawathi, Lakshmi and Parvati taking charge of Learning/Arts, Wealth and Courage/Strength. So far so good. All is well when they respect and appreciate each other’s role.

Problems could arise when one either tries one up-manship or wields undue influence over the other/s. The Tamil film, Sarawathi Shabatham is about an imaginary story that explores this situation wherein and how there could be anarchy if there is no balance and co-existence.

Let Learning Lay and Watch Power Play?

Post Amma’s funeral, anyone who is anything in the AIADMK party has been falling over themselves and each other to hail Sasikala as the Chinnamma (Little Mother). The mother would need to lift her children out of the misery of rudderless-ness. In the scheme of things, she holds strings of Power, it would seem.

But the Leaders representing Sarawathi, the VC coming to meet Sasikala (as reports have it, imploring her to take up the mantle of AIADMK and TN Leadership) reeks of impropriety. In the Indian ethos, while we all speak of balance/harmony/equality, the only exception given is for Learning/Experience (Wisdom through experience is implied).

When an aged person or a learned person enters the room, we automatically get up out of a sense of respect. That respect is ingrained. That is our culture. No one even questions this or imparts any motive. Even if the Learned person happens to be young. But when we get up for a very wealthy or powerful person, unless he/she is aged, there could be sneers and/or winks.

Chinnamma would do well to understand the nuances of propriety to prove herself a decent successor. One recalls grandmother’s words. Power and Wealth are ephemeral. Learning and Wisdom are timeless.

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