Lottery, Lawsuit, VaccStick Diplomacy


A Lottery & A Lawsuit

A group of 500 Indian and Chinese nationals have filed a lawsuit after the results of a lottery. The lawsuit was against the US Dept. of Homeland Security challenging the H-1B non-immigrant visa selection process. There were more than 300,000 applications for the 85,000 new visas approved by Homeland Security. Of course, there are bound to be disappointments. A huge number of qualified technology professionals, with valid job offers may see their careers at risk.  

Cool & Easy Millions – The Scalding Hot Way  

Sadly, in a democratic, liberal land like the US, with promising opportunities galore, litigations are rife too. Part of the promise, part of the opportunity, one guesses. Years ago, one read of a lady who asked for hot coffee and then sued McDonalds for a few million dollars. The reason? She found out that the coffee was scalding hot after she herself spilt some of it on her thigh. I am no techie, but guess, it is ok to take my chances with the above lottery. Even if lawsuits fail, one can check for the nearest coffee retailer.

Jinping With Jingoism, Xi Chinese Way

The hundred years of CCP’s existence could not have come at a better time for Xi Beijing bully. It is a good time to ensure that neighbours who feel threatened with one’s maniacal manoeuvres, perish the thought of protesting. Because Xi declared he would not mind beating the daylights of anyone who does not see eye to with China’s version of peace. Which namely is taking the neighbour’s peace of mind to pieces. Cool Chilli may be accused of Jinping to conclusions. But it may just be due to the concussions caused by CCP’s rhetorXic. How may one be sure that Made in Xina viruses affect only the lung? Xide effects maybe getting slowly evident.  

No Long Rope to Europe – VaccStick policy Works

Within a day or two of India threatening the EU with reciprocity, some European nations have fallen in line. EU initially mandated quarantine periods for travellers from India even if they have been vaccinated with GoI approved vaccines. India leveraging a reciprocal VaccStick diplomacy has helped resolve the deadlock. If you keep feeding carrots to others, when they don’t deserve it, you may come across as a bunny. But whether Bharat Biotech’s vaccine is also covered in EU’s change of heart is not clear.