TWIT-ERR – Twitter, the First platform booked under POSCO Act? Thanks to @ZOO-Bear & ‘jungli’ friends


TwitERR – First Platform Booked Under POSCO Act

Being booked under any act by the Law, is surely no FIR in one’s cap. But Twitter seems to have this ‘grate-ness’ thrust on it, however unwittingly. Some Zoo_Bear and his ‘jungli’ friends have been stalking and harassing a minor girl on the platform. True to its maybe left-ist tradition, Twitter seems to have been left out. The other players are in safe harbour, while Twitter has long been trying to obfuscate the issue for itself, believing it to be in compliance with its own norms. Its 199 million users may represent a huge country in themselves, but they still have to abide by the laws of the land with a population five times that. Else, the little blue bird at risk being seen as the largest one. Hiding its head in the sand to wish danger away.       

Amazon – a $500 M Yacht with $50 M Annual Running Costs       

Recently read some uncharitable comments in a section of the media. They were negative about Jeff Bezos’ decision to invest in a super luxurious Yacht with all technological gizmos. As someone who has learnt to navigate unchartered waters, Jeff surely Bezos with energy for all things novel. As the richest man in history, the cost seems small change to Say Cheese with Ms Sanchez. Photo ops with or without the paparazzi on the high seas looks a Lauren better on a luxury yacht. Besides, in these tough times, when no rich guy wants to be seen living an ostentatious life, imagine the plight of the luxury yacht makers. Some business is due their way too, right? They have million dollar mouths to feed. It is just a matter of perspective. Maybe a dollar for a million mouths isn’t quite as Amazon.       

Wishing for Sun-rise, Vision against a Virus’ Rise

No Stalling this Stalion, one guesses. The Chief Minister of TN has already sanctioned Rs 100 crores to be used for a possible third wave of the COVID (as feared/ predicted by experts). The astute Statesman, like Stalin is slowly moulding himself to be, envisages possible developments and prepares for the same. One only hopes a sizeable amount is still left in the kitty as and when the situation arises. No jokes, ask the TN Power Minister. If squirrels can play havoc with the TN Electricity grid, the Health minister should also guard medical supplies /oxygen equipment carefully. Maybe the revenue/ vigilance (if one such exists) minister too, to ensure that the allocated budget is not squirrelled away. The good intentions of the Stallion should not be undone by the rest of the Zebras or the mischievous squirrels, for that matter.