TTV Dhinakaran dancing. Stage has a few nails. FERA, Bribery Charges, Leads from Income Tax Raids await him


The Bhava before getting bombed or nailed 

One could fault TTV Dhinakaran on a few things. He is one of the coolest ‘operators who is still free to operate. Not many good things can be heard of him. But irrespective of the image he has built, one cannot fault the smile on his face. It definitely brings one on your own face.

The Hope behind some smiles

Now, every wounded soldier in Crimea would have found the hope to smile a smile when he saw the Lady with the Lamp, Florence Nightingale. Likewise leprosy patients would have unconsciously smiled while seeing Baba Amte (Dr Devidas Amte). These kind of smiles are in a different league.

One may smile and smile and still be a villain

Now, imagine Hitler slipping on a banana peel in a concentration camp. Even the most broken hearted Jew would have smiled, if not laughed. The way Sasikala and her family had been holding Tamil Nadu to ransom, citizens have been looking at her nephew TTV Dhinakaran’s toothy smiles and been amazed. They would be reminded of Shakespeare’s line that a man may smile and smile and still be a villain. The average Tamil’s smiles had been one of resignation. No ray of hope as nephew and aunt & Co seemed to pile on the agony day by day.

Dancing on a hot tin roof

TTV Dhinakaran’s position suddenly seems akin to that of the proverbial cat on a hot tin roof. He was already feeling the renewed heat of the FERA (Foreign Exchange Regulations Act) case. Some incriminating data points had also surfaced during the Income Tax raids on the Tamil Nadu Health minister’s house. If things were not warm enough for TTV’s comfort, the Delhi Police now wants him for attempting to bribe Election Commission officials.

The team of MLAs and ministers which he and his aunt Sasikala have tried to hold on to, also seem to be moving towards O Panneerselvam. Not a very comforting thought for TTV surely. We wonder how long the smile will continue on the face. The face that aspired to drag Tamil Nadu further into the slime of sycophancy, nepotism and other corrupt practices. 

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