Trump – A WASP in Racism’s grasp ?


Trump – A WASP in Racism’s grasp ?

Trump cannot do many things correctly, so it would seem from a conservative American perspective. Right from allegations (of Russian intervention) around his unexpected electoral success, to reports and claims of misdemeanours with women (from his very racy past), Trump has ensured the mainstream media has enough material to chew on. 

 Viewing neutrally, one would think, he has surely been a mould-breaker. He has had the gall to call a spade a spade on a few issues (though seemingly undiplomatic / politically incorrect). He has even created initial disquiet among new found ‘friends’ as India and went against the traditional US stance of mollifying Pakistan. The latter is a significant change in US positioning considering Pakistan’s increasing bon homie with China.    

The WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant), Trump may have actually used the politically incorrect and personally hurting words to describe people from other countries/ races. But it is difficult to isolate him for the prejudice. Agreed, as the leader of the World’s Superpower, he could be a better role model….. especially in using  language more suitable for living rooms. But then  using inappropriate words with or without actually meaning it, is hardly his fault alone. As Jesus said, “….let the person who has done no wrong be the first one to stone….”.  

Cool Chilli’s Views

At, we believe each of us has the potential/ obligation to become a better human. That objective is met easier by each one identifying their own follies first. While it is the done thing to call out ‘straying’ leaders, it is as good a time as any to take stock and check how we stand on similar value platforms.

When a valuable item has gone missing, have we not immediately suspected the housemaid or the driver, only to find it a few hours later where we had last left it. Have we not, while interviewing canidates, felt more drawn to a certain candidate from a background more similar to us, as opposed to another one from a different denomination. 

The idea of this piece is not to excuse Donald Trump, but to use the story for introspection. improve our thought processes to override the natural ‘people like us’ vs ‘people like them’ bias that creeps in automatically.        

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