TRiUMPhalism & CauseM

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Of Bush-fires & Office Blairs

More than a decade ago, Saddam Hussein was accused of hoarding weapons of mass destruction by George Bush and the UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair immediately collaborated. The result was/ is a bushfire that sadly still rages/ lingers in the middle east.

Each Murder begs the Question, ‘Who Benefits?’

As Hercule Poirot would ask/state, ‘Who Benefits and how – the motive – leads to the murderer’. The Misadventures in the Middle East have not been profitable for most of the NATO allies. Most, not all. The venture/s have helped the Pentagon test its arsenal and consolidate the Business of America. The American public though, may continue to pay heavily socially and economically. Is it funny or a mere coincidence that 1) both President George Bush Senior and his son President George Bush Jr had business links with the US Oil Industry (2) Major ventures into Iraq were planned during the tenure of these two gentlemen and (3) Iraq is next only to Saudi Arabia in oil reserves ?

From The House of Windsor to The White House

With Saddam Hussein out of the way, not only were much of the skeletons in the cupboard destroyed conveniently but the way was also paved for American business interests. History has a funny way of repeating itself. The balance of world power has swung from the House of Windsor to the White House. The British came as traders to India seeking permission to set up trading posts, but ended up securing most of the sub-continent… either overtly or under the guise of providing security to Indian kingdoms. Protection Money! Trump now seems to be asking for ransom money  (for  the  very  expensive US air base) as pre-requisite to pull out his troops from Iraq. The air base seemed created to consolidate US interests in the first place.

Shatranj ke Kill-adi

Afghanistan and the Middle East are merely pawns in the chess board of the powers that be. Powers that surely garb vested interests in humanitarian ones. Supporters of Qasem may aver that, if the ISIS abetted by the US’ Wahabi vassal, was meeting its deserved end, the worlds need to thank Qasem Soleimani. To be fair, Qasem did much to neutralise the ISIS.

The Comic Reality – Dispensability of the comity of nations

…and so it came to pass that a case was made….and as one has come to expect of TRiUMPhalism, Caution was thrown to the winds and Qasem Soleimani into the oven of TRiUMPhalism. Nations and Agencies think little of eliminating agents who turn rogue. Saddam Hussein, the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden are easy examples. So it is difficult to assume there was any deliberation solemn or otherwise before killing Soleimani. The US President has tried and convicted in-house at The White House. Only lesser Heads of State are required to discuss/ bring their disputes before the comity of nations. The White House is the Darbar of the World!

CauseM for Martyr

Napoleon Bonaparte famously said, ” It is the cause and not the death that makes the martyr.” In the case of Qasem, (the Cause he upheld – the fight against ISIS) and his ‘Murder’ by drone, has created a Martyr. With Iran and its sympathisers now promising revenge, the US and its increasingly disconcerted allies may need to be ready for a very long haul. This tale of catching the Tiger’s tail is slowly coming to a head. But surely nowhere near closure, at least for the affected people of the Middle East.

‘Double Standards?’, No way! Just Friendship

Terrorist Masood Azhar (Centre) wanted by India, hosted by Pak. image courtesy: financial express

The US may kill Saudi born Bin Laden in Pakistan or the Iranian Qasem in Iraq. But in its wisdom, the US may wish to shield India. India may unfortunately create a situation that may get out of hand, however unoccupied with any tail, much less a tiger’s. It is with this concern that the US has for long been advising restraint on India’s part. Not to act against about the terrorists holed up inside Pakistan or Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. No friend like a Businessman to care for you, till you outlive your usefulness as a prospect or emerge as competition.