TN Ministers meet Sasikala in Jail. Swearing By the Institution only.


Inside the Bangalore Prison (4 TN Ministers visit Sasikala)

Ministers: Vanakkam Chinnamma.

Chinnamma: Yenge Edubidi (Where is Edubidi?  Edubidi means errand boy. She is referring to Edappadi Palaniswamy)

Ministers: He is busy taking care of the State.

C: Nilamai yeppadi irrukku? (What is the situation/State? ) Some of you must be enjoying your new found power.

M: Chinnamma, Without you our heart is heavy. 

C: Don’t tell me. I was responsible for you guys becoming what you are, but you are forgetting ….

Swearing By the Institution

M: Chinnamma, it hurts to hear you say that. We are beholden to you. Even during our swearing -in ceremony, we wanted to swear on your photo only and a printout of your speeches.  Our request would have been seen as inappropriate since you are convicted. Maybe unfairly, by still…  But we are sure you understand.

Instead, in our minds we swore on the Con…., sorry Institution. Maathi Yosi (lateral thinking). We are not Mafiosi for nothing, Chinnamma.

C: (Beaming with pride at the servility she has inspired) What else?

M: We are moving out the officials who are partial to the Constitution. As per your instructions, any threat to the  Institution will be nipped in the bud. Only our version of Two Leaves will remain. Remember that Police Officer…That ‘un-understanding’ officer who  filed a case against you for taking us on a vacation to Golden Bay Resorts. He is also being shunted….     

C: Sounds good to hear, but it is not very convincing. What happened to Amma could happen to me, though I will not let it happen. 

Sab Maya Hain. Only Karma is Real

M: We also hope nothing will happen to you, but take care, Chinnamma. The lady Mayamma, who was sweeping your home has left Chennai. We hear she has moved to Bangalore.

C: What about her? She is a loyal lady.  I understand her relatives are settled here and during the twenty years she was sweeping the premises, she sometimes wished to move to Bangalore. Anyway the four years I will be in prison is a long time. Since I am also here, there is little need for cleaning of the grounds. Prostrations (shashtaang namaskkars ) in Chennai will be largely reduced.

M: Chinnamma, while entering this section of the jail, we saw a lady with a broom at a distance. The way she wielded the broom seemed familiar. Please be careful!!! This physical world is an illusion. Only our virtual Karma may be real enough.

(as imagined By Cool Chilli)

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