Thirstyano’s Hungary for Success again in the Euro Cup 2021?


Cristiano’s Juggernaut gets France’s Jugular (in Euro 2016)

It was just yesterday Ronaldo led his unfancied team to victory at the Euro 2016. At the outset of the 2016 edition, Portugal was No 7 in the list of favourites & France, No 1. The betting odds on France  16/5 and on Portugal 20/1. They met in the final. Portugal won 1-0.

Euro 2020 re-Cristiano-ed to Euro 2021  

Euro 2020 has not exactly got off to a great start. Firstly delayed by a year due to COVID. Then re-Cristiano-ed to Euro 2021. A sad stop for a Group B game between Denmark and Finland due to Christian Eriksen’s sudden collapse and needed to be carried off. Thankfully Eriksen has subsequently arisen and getting better.  

Portugal (3) Vs Hungary (0)

Portugal was 8 on the list at the start of 2021 with odds of 16/1. No 1 was England at 11/2. But with a great show albiet late into the second half, Portugal seem to be counted among the favourites. Raphael did not fail his captain. The goal in the 84th minute, broke through the pall of gloom that was beginning to threaten Portugal’s game. In minutes Ronaldo broke stoic Hungary’s spine with a penalty.

Portugal again in the Final?

Not sure about Portugal, but our boys at Cricket surely are. Tomorrow they meet NZ at Lords. One is not very sure about India being the favourites. But one surely has a soft corner for Kane Williamson and his Team. Tough to find nicer folks playing this gentleman’s game. Trying to stare down the Aussies etc is fine, but if Virat and his team do the same with the Kiwis, they lose me, though my personal favourites are Shubman and Siraj.