Thirstyano Ronaldo ‘Aguacates’ Water, says ‘Go Go Cola’ at Euro Cup Press Meet


Ronaldo Sees Red

Cristiano Ronaldo saw Red in the bottle of Coca Cola at the Press Meet at the 2021 Euro Cup. It did not seem to be the Coca Cola Classic bottle edition (the re-introduction of which, in the past) helped boost Coke’s sagging spirits. It seemed to be a PET bottle this time. It also seemed to kind of trigger Ronaldo’s Pet peeve. A healthier lifestyle. He politely placed the red bottles aside, exhibited his bottle of Water and exclaimed ‘Agua’ (Water in Portuguese).

Cristiano Role-Model-Do

Ronaldo has for long been a role model for fitness and athleticism. In all fairness, we may also admit that his dalliance with models/ maidens of other persuasions may make grandmothers see red. Of course some of them may also blush and wistfully wish they were younger. But we are digressing, not to mention being slightly flippant here. Ronaldo advocates healthy meals, regular exercise, catching enough sleep etc is our understanding.

Cause Celebre? or Celebrity with a Cause

In light of the above, the incident as reported in the media seemed to be just waiting to happen. It was no cause celebre. It was a Celebrity ‘aquacating’ a Cause. Encouraging his fans/ audience to choose healthier drinks. Female fans’ stoic pulses skip a beat yes, but a firm’s stock price losing some fizz ($4 billion in value) post Thirstyano’s GoGoColado is newsworthy.

Celebrity Advocacy

Film stars notably in Kerala have earlier refused to promote cola drinks after public pressure on them. There has been huge campaigns against depletion of potable ground water thanks to Cola factories. But it takes huge moral strength and personal conviction to openly advocate water. It is not just about how well your nest is lined. Even our film stars can surely make do without the bubbly (if not blood) money. Time all Celebrities around the world woke up to their Conscience.