The Battle For Bihar. Neat-ish Finish! Nitish Finished?


The Battle For Bihar – Ballot BrainTeaser

The Battle For Bihar has concluded with an ‘almost inconclusive’ mandate! Imagine the grouping (NDA), that won the assembly elections, did so by a margin of less than 100 votes per seat. Cumulatively the winning combine, the NDA ( National Democratic Alliance) won by a margin lesser than 0.03%.

Neat-ish Finish

The BJP has helped Nitish as part of the NDA just about win again in Bihar. The win was surely not a very ‘Neat’ one. ‘Neat-ish’ at best. Had the BJP (with a strong contributions from both the grassroots and the senior leadership) not really pulled the way it did, ‘Jungle-raj ka yuvraj’ may well have stomped into the CM’s seat.




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The BJP has been graceful enough to maintain that Mr Nitish Kumar would continue to be the Chief Minister of Bihar. This must surely be sweet music to Mr Nitish’s ears. But he must surely be seeing the writing on the wall. That he and the JD(U) were almost finished in this elections.

‘The Last Election’ Appeal

Maybe Mr Nitish Kumar had seen the winds blowing unfavourably in the course of campaigning. This would have forced him to make an emotional appeal to the electorate, claiming this election as his last. But after the results, he has also clarified that the media has misrepresented or misunderstood his statement and he had had no such intentions.

Political Promises – Usually Well-Made, Rarely Well-Kept

Promises made on the election trail are usually made on spur of the moment premises. Unless they find mention in the Party’s ‘manifesto’, not much attention need be given. Thus Nitish may be given the benefit of doubt even if he had genuinely made that last election appeal and is now retracting.

‘Arth Shastra’ From Ancient Pataliputra To Modern Patn

Bihar/ Patna had been home to some illustrious thinkers in ancient and medieval India. Arth Shastra’s author, Chanakya or Kautilya is one of the names that comes to mind especially in matters of state-craft and administration. We are not sure what he would have had to say about Lalu Prasad Yadav and his ‘jungle raj’ brand of politics. But surely he would not have seen much benefit accruing to the land through Lalu.

The Next Battle For Bihar

The NDA government surely cannot take things easily. They have to ensure that the common citizen sees benefits of good governance and socio-economic well-being. Else, as we have seen in this elections, the battle may be far closer. What Do You Think ? Would Love To Note Your Comments!