Straight from the Horse’s mouth: the secret of longevity

Straight from the Horse's Mouth The secret of longevity
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Straight from the Horse’s mouth: the secret of longevity

A gentleman from Indonesia could be the longest living human if his documents stand scrutiny as per standards for recognizing these world records. Longevity, thy name is  Mbah Gotho. At 145 years old, this real life Methuselah has outlived his wives, siblings and children.

He believes the secret of  his longevity lies in ‘patience’, but now wishes death. In ancient

India, as the legends say, a few were deemed immortal (Chiranjeev). But the general philosophy was that one’s  Time of Death was beyond one’s control. Only one person had been bestowed the power to chose the time of his own death. Bhishma, from one of the greatest of epics known to man, The Mahabharatha.

Mr Gotho, in the winter of his life, and having weathered one too many, may feel he has been too patient for his own ‘timely demise’. But in most global traditions, age is respected and revered. His kith and kin must surely feel nice to have him around as long as he himself is not suffering.


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