State funds for Ornaments? Rao turns Nehru-ism and Secularism on its head. Rs. 5 Crores ‘Haram’ at Tirupati does no harm.



“Aaram Haraam Hain” maybe passe.

“Aaram haraam hain”, ( ‘rest is illegal’) said Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to encourage a mindset for hardwork. Amongst other things, he and the other founding fathers and mothers of modern India also wanted India to be secular. And Lo snd Behold, India became a secular country.

Let us not complain if the  the politicans’ (as opposed to the freedom fighters’) perception of secular seems  more like “Secure your lair”.  The idea is for each one to secure his or her own lair/ nest. The community or the nation at large comes later and of course the Devil can take the hind most. 

“Secure Your Lair “ ism In India

Thus ‘Secure Your Lair  ism’ principle gives a clear guideline. SYLism is about curbing/cursing an artist’s freedom of expression, if the artist takes poetic license to represent/mis-represent some elements from  religious tapestry. But wait, things are not so simple. As with most frameworks, there are riders. The above religious tapestry needs to be Abrahamic in origin.

If traditional Hindus question artists  for taking liberty with depiction of  Hindu Goddesses, they have to be condemned for their intolerance, since freedom of speech is enshrined in the constitution.

Children of a Lesser God. Which ideal Mother plays favourite?

It is alright for the Indian Constitution to promise equality for all, but my sisters who recite the Quran are surely children of a lesser god. What to do? The husband can divorce my Muslim sister anytime. He doesn’t even need to talk. Just ‘talaq’ it out by message thrice. What a mess, in this age, when even officially Muslim countries give far more rights for wives. But we Indians are like that only. No need to move any intellectual muscle unless the Muezzin sees merit.    

Start-up State becomes an Upstart!

Our youngest state of Telangana, is not only a ‘Start-up’ as it adroITly calls itself. It is also an ‘upstart’.  It has already started showing its ‘rebelliousness’. This enfant terrible  is saying ‘En (means My in Tamil)  Fund to the Temple!  In doing so, it seems to be turning the  Secure Your Lair ism principle on its head. 

“Aaram Haram Hain”, Nehru said. But that may be fine-tuned by an UpStart.  The Upstart CM of the start-up state  is donating Ornaments worth  5.5 Crores of public money to the Tirupati Balaji temple. ’Saligrama Haram’ a garland made of gold and fossilized stones would ornament Prayers like nothing else can. Just Tell and Go On the road to success. Together these would trigger divine blessings to energize the start-up state to more glory.

Seeing Jesus and (Al) Jalil in Jagadish

As an upstart CM, surely he may be pardoned for believing that his God is the state’s God and the state’s funds are his own. These gives and takes happens in life. Very common. Ideally he should represent all his state’s citizens, including the 12% Muslims and 1.3% Christians in the state.

It is assumed that all of them also see Jesus and (Al)Jalil in Jagadish! Development  (Infrastructure Work for the Masses) comes first only in the dictionary. As any Politican worth his prayer knows, Divinity comes first, especially while playing to the gallery.    

Mr Rao may also believe in the ancient Indian wisdom of Vaasudeiva Kutumbakam. The World is One Family and the family diety resides at Tirumala. Aam, Amen, Ameen for the youngest family in the Indian Union!  

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