While we sleep



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image courtesy: todaysparent.com

While We Sleep

We Assume that someone is awake

To do the job we ought to have done,

Ere sleeping.


While We Sleep

We ignore the risks around us.

But the dangers parented by our carelessness and ‘chalta hai’ ways

Are however awake and raring (to go).


While We Sleep

We put at risk

Those very souls that have trusted their Sleep

To our sincerity.


While We Sleep

We hardly realize that Accidents rarely happen.

They are caused.  Not necessarily by one or a few intentionally.

But by repeated failure to adhere to safe practices. And improper audits/reviews!


While We Sleep

Mr Suresh Prabhu has also been working into the night.

Responding to Travellers’ requests

And making Indian Railways a better place.


While We Sleep

We are sure Mr Prabhu is awake.

Trying to extract that extra.

For his Customers and Indian Railways.


Why we Sleep?

The sloth of cumulative generations takes some collective waking up.

One gent’s iterations in solo won’t suffice.

Let us Arise and Work towards the Dawn!


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