Sitting on judges’ names no way to hatch Judicial Reforms


sitting on Judges names no way to reform Judiciary Sitting on names no way to hatch Judicial Reforms

The Supreme Court has warned the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) that the SC could hold the PMO liable for contempt of court. The reason for the SC’s outburst is the delay in thePMO reverting on the Judges’ names suggested by the Supreme Court Collegium for appointment to higher judiciary. Readers may recollect that the Chief Justice of India had (a few months back) become very emotional. This happened while addressing the Indian Prime Minister in a forum. The CJI had voiced the problem of mounting number of pending cases in courts and the lack of Judges to manage them. The CJI has been on numerous occasions raising this concern which affects the common man.

Cool Chilli’s Comments

The relationship between the three pillars of a democratic government viz. The Legislative, The Executive and the Judiciary is important and critical for meaningful governance. Each needs to support the other to perform its duties efficiently without hampering work, however well intentioned, the motive may be. The Supreme Court for example, refused to get drawn into a debate on governance in Jammu and Kashmir. It had asked the respective parties to talk to the elected governments at the State and Centre. This in the NewsTikka team’s view is laudable. The SC refused to step on the Government’s toes.

The Government on its part, needs to help the Judiciary function smoothly. The government may also have a strong motivation to ensure more transparency in Judicial appointments. It must also ensure that the quality and integrity of judges promoted is impeccable. A corrupt politician may still be booted out easily. But judicial officers with questionable integrity can cause a lot of damage. Despite the termites within some of our hallowed Judicial buildings, the common man still reposes enormous faith in our Judiciary as against the Legislative or the Executive.   Thus the government may wish to ensure only the better Judges get elevated. But inordinate delay in appointing judges does not help the common man either.

In Ending

There could be challenges with a few names. But the same could be discussed with the SC Collegium and better candidates looked at. Sitting on the complete list when pendency of cases is increasing is not in anyone’s interest. On the contrary, this inaction is in conflict with the Prime Minister’s pledge to improve governance and better quality of life for the common man. There are many unfortunate individuals and families that await finalization of the cases. Either filed by them or against them.

The NewsTikka team hopes that the government acts to promote these judges suggested by the collegium. If any untoward data points come to light post a Judge’s appointment, the government should still be able to take action as needed. Swach Bharat is important. Cleaning Corruption in the Judiciary is also vital  in the Legislative and the Executive. However sitting on the Judges names proposed is no way to implement Judicial Reforms.

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