Sandalous ! Shiv Sena moves Privilege Motion in Lok Sabha to force Airlines to fly MP Ravindra Gaikwad


Shiv Sena moves Privilege Motion in Lok Sabha

The Shiv Sena has issued notice in the Lok Sabha to move a privilege motion against the airlines in India for not flying its MP Ravindra Gaikwad. The Shiv Sena wants airlines like Indigo and AirIndia to ferry him. The airlines have in the past few days not entertained his requests for tickets. They have also taken a stand to cancel even the tickets issued by oversight (against their no fly policy for this Sainik)

DNA decides demeanour

Politics is not the first place one looks at for best behaviour, not that, it is impossible.  We have sterling examples even in recent times.  Atal Bihari Vajpayee is one striking example of a person who is/was adored even by rival camps. Politicians like former Defence Minister, Mr. Antony of the Congress are also respected for their integrity and attitude.

But there are some parties which have arrogance and aggression hardcoded. The Shiv Sena is one example. Maybe it needed that assumed macho-ism and bravado initially to build its base amongst the mill workers of Mumbai. It also sought to establish itself by creating terror in the migrant populations then. While the party sought to ‘evict’ South Indians (from Mumbai), rumour had it that Bal Thackeray’s personal astrologer in Mumbai hailed from Kerala. 🙂 

Bal Thackeray also later adopted the ‘Hindutva’ platform, the first political party in Republican India to do so. While there was no harassment of Muslims, Bal Thackeray definitely made many ‘secular’ citizens think about ‘appeasement’ fostered by the Congress. Many firms and parties may have far from ideal beginnings. But those who are up for the long haul need to groom themselves and get more middle of the road.

Leadership to be Balanced, else Legacy could be Lunacy  

Bal Thackeray’s nephew, Raj albeit in a new party (MNS) has continued this trend by targetting North Indians. The Sainiks have always taken to physical assault and intimidation, blackening of faces etc to prove their point. This DNA is best reflected in the Shiv Sena abetting their MP’s boorishness. This would have been a good opportunity for the Sena to show itself in a more ‘professional’ light.

Need for more maturity

Though gradually losing in strength, parties like the Shiv Sena are important to ensure that the BJP doesn’t have a cake walk at the hustings. The BJP’s growing popularity under Mr Modi’s Leadership is good since it has given us a much needed alternative to the Congress. But the country also needs other strong parties (opposition) which will ensure that Democracy thrives. Political rule without a strong opposition is not ideal in any case….more so in a pluralistic set up like India’s.

For this to happen, parties like the Shiv Sena need to introspect and break out of their initial mould. The mill worker’s son and daughter are doing well in Organized Retail, BPO, IT etc and approach life with a lot of discipline, confidence and hope. These kids don’t wallow in self-pity and helplessness…..the sad state their parents may have been forced into long ago, due to the closure of mills….the same mills in whose erstwhile  premises the new age industries are thriving and giving livelihoods…….. to the workers’ sons and daughters. Maybe the Shiv Sena needs to reflect on the new reality and accept it for its own and Democracy’s good.


What is the privilegemotion in Indian Parliament


  1. The problem with all “foot” soldiers is that they think they are more important than the foot itself. If the Sena does not realize it’s folly in supporting it’s BC (and I mean Business Class here… but the Hindi equivalent is equally applicable for this dolt) goon of a minister, then it’s only a matter of time before they get discarded by the electorate like used “footwear”!