SC asks Police to keep in line; post FIRs online

SC asks Police to keep in line; post FIRs online
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SC asks Police to keep in line; post FIRs online

Thanks to the Supreme Court of India for helping boost transparency in the working of the

Police! The SC has asked the States and the Union Territories (UTs) to ensure filing of FIRs ( First Information Reports) online within 24 hours.


The SC has allowed a few exceptions, as in cases affecting individuals’ privacy (sexual abuse) or those affecting the national interest (insurgency) but the mandate is to post other cases online.


This move will help both the accused and the person lodging the complaint, since the information will be transparent. The accused will know exactly what he or she has been accused of and the person lodging can also be sure of what they have recorded in the FIR.

Cool Chilli’s Comments

The NewsTikka team welcomes this positive step but feels that the SC may also need to intervene more to ensure that the Police actually lodge the FIR with some guidelines thereof.

In many areas whether urban or local, the officials in police stations may find it inconvenient to write an FIR. Those officials, whom the Department pays but who pay obeisance to a local heavyweight, may not be firm enough to ignore the unofficial ‘firman‘. Finally, due to public or media pressure an FIR may still manage to see the light of day. But valuable evidence is lost, either due to delay or wilfully moved out of the way.

It would be interesting to see the names the online posting will reveal. And which scions of the rich and the powerful may become infamous if the FIR actually gets written. They would have no means to cover up an accident or easily buy their way out of trouble. The Indian sub-continent in the ancient past has an example  of transparency and probity that  is heart-rending and thought provoking!

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