Saithan Killed Them @ Sathankulam. Mystery Shrouds the Murder.


Mysterious are the ways of God.? We have heard this often enough. But if there be an absence of the Divine, we call it Evil or Devilry. The work of the Devil. The Murders at Sathankulam.

In the Arab world, the Devil is referred to as Saithan or Shaythan …similar to the Latin/English, Satan. And going by the happenings at Sathankulam, mysterious indeed are Saithan’s doings as well, it seems.

Two deaths, two obvious murders. But no perpetrators identified by the authorities. No arrests made. Also very mysterious are some of these:

1) the cops have been taking good care of the traders at their station. Yet somehow witnesses outside head moans and cries of these traders. Was the Shaithan subjecting the traders to gruesome torture?? The cops may have been just spellbound. They may not have seen or heard anything.

2) the cops felt the traders were perfectly normal, yet asked for change of clothes from the family a few times because of the bleeding. Was the Shaithan soiling the traders’ clothes with blood? ?

3) videos show the traders obviously cooperating with the cops before they went to the station. But cops claim they were abused by the traders etc and physically resisted coming to the police station. Were the cops under the influence of Shaithan?? Imagining something that wasn’t….

Surely the innocent cops at Sathankulam were worked upon by some mysterious force. Beyond human comprehension. The case is getting stranger and stranger. Maybe shaithan-er and shaithan-er. But where is the Saithan hiding? Why has the murderer not been arrested? Maybe the Devil is hiding in the details.?

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