Removing the Red Beacon VIP Culture. Shed Light Shoulder Laypeople


Removing the Red Beacon VIP Culture

The Prime Minister Mr Modi and his BJP government deserve a big round of applause. They have done something most of us would not have dreamt possible. The common man is going to be  treated at par with politicians, government officials etc on India’s roads. The so called VIPs will now be grounded.

Go with the flow now

They will no longer have the privilege of whizzing past their fellow citizens. Among whom could be many normal commuters, sick patients, expectant mothers, or even students anxious to reach in time for their exams. VIPs have to go with the flow now, however maddening it may be.

This move would also bring the powers that be, more in touch with the harsh realities facing the average Indian. One move will have many attendant benefits. The time spent in traffic will hopefully open the eyes of law makers and officials to the many ways they could change things for the better. Being in the sun and rain even if inside  air conditioned cars could probably give them additional time. Added time and context to feel where the common citizen’s shoe pinches irrespective of whether he or she has footwear or not.

The perk is my personality

For many of the peoples’ representatives and officials this move may have come as an unpleasant surprise. A significant proportion of these anyway would have had little to show for their role/ post other than the red light on their vehicles. 

From the first of May this year, only the police,  the ambulance and essential services will now be authorized to use a light (blue beacon) on their vehicles. 

Many MPs , MLAs,  not to speak of (even educated) officials also generally have a good time wasting public money on electricity, travel accommodation etc not only for themselves but also for their  hangers on. They must surely be worried now. The red light  embargo may just be for starters. More changes could be afoot to minimize wastage of public money.

In ending, No surprise this, but more surprises in store?

One thing makes one wonder about this development. Why has it  taken India almost 70 years since independence to do away with this abominable VIP Culture. 

It probably  takes an egalitarian tea vendor Prime Minister to serve these beneficial policies. Obviously thinking of the well being of the masses is not everyone’s cup of tea.