Af-Gone? Will It Hound US? Queen Bee Spells Change, Scripps History!


Af-Gone? Long will it Hound Us… the Afghan Situation

The Afghan Hound is considered one of the most glamourous dog breeds. But the situation in Afghanistan is far from one exuding glamour. The US and the NATO under pressure, in the domestic clamour for an exit from Afghanistan have been pulling out their troops in recent weeks. The sketchy, ill-trained and ill-equipped government forces of Afghanistan has been left to fend for itself.

Taliban To Respect all Lives equally? Sharia-ly not

One wonders what the powers-that-be, which once tried to control the fortunes of this unfortunate country had imagined? Did they assume that the Taliban would immediately have a change of heart, give up arms, join the political mainstream and work to make Afghanistan a modern, moderate, secular country, with equal respect for all lives (Sunni, Shia, Moslem, Christian etc) and Law. Sharia-ly not.

Globo-cop’s Motto – NATO Lose Hope

While the lot of the average Afghan will be none the merrier, imagine those who may have rubbed the Taliban the wrong way on the strength of the new dispensation (NATO forces, democracy being restored etc). The US has for long arrogated to itself the role of the Global Cop. Is it now letting down those who had been led to believe… & NATO lose hope. That a better Tomorrow, beyond Taliban is possible.

People Like Us vs People Like Them

Maybe People Like US (PLUs) cannot for long keep thinking of People Like Them (PLT).. Inshallah (God Willing), may this be just needless fear, but the real big threat is that…. Bismillah (in the name of God), Bamiyan and civility will again be at the mercy of mindless mercenaries, who may not be as Rahman or as Raheem as the sacred name they may still feign to chant.

Viola, Zaila! Queen Bee Spells Change, Scripps History

A few years ago, even after Barack Obama, became the first African-American to become the POTUS, it would have been considered Avant-garde to speculate an African-American winning the Scripps Spelling Bee. Increasingly in sports/ athletics and very obviously in the 100 Metres dash in particular, it is hard to think of the winners as non-African in origin. Of course, as per the in vogue, out-of-Africa theory, all of us whether Eskimos in Siberia or Bedouins in the Sahara, all of us may technically be Afro-Eskimo or Afro-Bedouin. One’s photo as a small infant may easily pass off as that of any infant from Africa. But we are digressing.

Imagine an Indian Doing A Usain Bolt In The Next 5 Years

It is unimaginable to think (in the near future) of an Indian or a Caucasian winning the World or Olympic title at the 100 metres dash (at the expense of a person of ‘more’ African descent). Likewise, the Indian- American community has had a hold at the Scripps US National Spelling Bee competition over the past decade. Even this year, the number two is a person of Indian descent. But kudos to Zaila Avant-garde for scripting history and becoming the first African- American (and second one of African origin after Jody-Anne of Jamaica). Maybe an Indian may still shortly do a Usain Bolt. The Buzz is, no thought too Avant-garde!