Part 5 – Long Live Democracy, tweets PM Mr Narendra Modi! Need Opposition. Congress also OK.



continued from Part 4

Urgently Needed: For Democracy’s Progress, A credible and capable Opposition.  Congress also OK.

One wishes to see the last of Congress, but one needs Indian Democracy’s health more.   Indian Democracy cannot survive without a decent opposition. We need the Congress. We need it to resurrect. There is always a danger of one Leader or group’s views being thrust / infused into the national consciousness. If this sustains unchecked, national polity itself gets warped, wittingly or otherwise.  

Left or Right in ‘Centre’, We need a Decent Opposition

Whether India is governed by  right-wing/left-wing or even centrist parties,  we need a healthy opposition.  In the absence of a national alternative, it is in India’s interest that Congress gets its act together. No organization whether a corporate or political party can survive without fresh blood and thinking. Blood descendants can do justice for a limited period of time. But in todays’ world with so much of challenges and possibilities, a culture of meritocracy serves best.

The Congress Leadership needs some soul searching. Mother and Son are clearly failing. There is no assurance that the daughter will be a patch on the grand mother. The irony is that she herself is not very keen on politics. She also carries a liability. Can she alienate her husband, Robert? Mrs Indira Gandhi moved away from Feroze. History sometimes has a queer way (funny, ironical….) of repeating itself, often revisiting the same family.

In Ending

The Congress desperately needs to change itself,  move away from the Family if it has to regain respect as a credible opposition. It desperately needs the confidence of more Indians. And very importantly, Indians also need the Congress (atleast as Opposition, in the absence of an alternative).

The continuing narrative with Narendra (however benign) is not very healthy for Indian Democracy without a Modified Opposition! 


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