Part 2 – Adam plays Cain. Slays brother Abel named Srinivas. Purinton kills with no Pure Intentions. Evolution (Spirituality) essential.


Continued from Part 1….

Experience and Education not Enough. Erudition and Evolution(Spiritually) Essential. 

As seen in Part 1, this position of the POTUS comes with great power and accordingly should be ‘bestowed’ on someone befitting. It is important that, that someone worthy comes in because persons like Adam Purinton can easily be misled. As a Navy veteran he (Adam) may be experienced and even a little educated. But there is no erudition. He assumes anyone with a little colour is from the middle east. He does not even know or realize that there may be people of colour across the world. Also one’s region of origin or religious orientation doesn’t make one an extremist. Ignorance (as proved in navy veteran Adam Puriton’s case)  and ‘mess up’ by ‘messiahs’ possibly does!!! 

Trump and the rising Tensions in US…”I Messed, Ah…”

Opinion leaders have in the past accused Trump of inciting hatred and angst among the ‘impressionable citizens’ of America. Experts have even said that his key electioneering targeted the latent sense of frustration simmering in sections of Americans. Hopefully with the Kansas incident, Trump has also realized that he has gone too far with his ‘racist/ religion related’ rants. 

Trump”s Address in The US Congress

Trump has thankfully decided that the situation needed a Statesman rather than the sabre rattling street fighter. In his address to the Congress, he has made the right noises without diluting too much of his earlier positioning about securing American interests.

Trump’s address may seem to be politically correct though not all are pleased. The coming days will obviously test Trump’s ability to navigate. Trump does not mince words. That may help in removing ambiguity. We also appreciate that as the leader of the nation, he has to work in the interest of America.

But, America is not just another nation. The United States is too important for us to ignore Trump. It is the largest economic and military power in the world today. In the run up to that, it may also have engaged in activities even Trump may not wish to publicly admit. But today it (along with India) offers some hope in an increasingly troubled world. It is a powerful democracy with a relatively free press and transparency. Hence the average citizen of this world would desperately wish Abraham Lincoln’s legacy to survive and thrive.   

 Here’s wishing President Trump the best and pray that the Rig Vedic Hymn meaning ‘Let noble thoughts come to us from every side’ blesses us all.   The actual words in Sanskrit are 

ā no bhadrāḥ kratavo kṣyantu viśvato adabdhāso aparītāsa udbhidaḥ |
devā no yathā sadamid vṛdhe asanaprāyuvo rakṣitāro dive-dive ||

Translated the above words in English are

May auspicious knowledge come to us from all sides, which harm no one; are unimpeded and victorious over the forces of division |
May the gods be always for our increase, never moving away from us, but always guarding us day-to-day ||

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