Pak IS stan? Karzai: Kabul is victim of neighbour’s terrorist network.

Pak IS Stan? Kabul victim of neighbour's terrorist network
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The former President of Afghanistan Mr Hamid Karzai on his visit to India has endorsed India’s concern on Pakistan being the hotbed of cross-border terrorism. Mr Karzai specifically pointed out the encouragement that the IS in Afghanistan was getting from across the border.

He has also supported Indian PM Modi on the latter raising the Balochistan point. These statements coming from a senior leader of the South Asian region assumes significance in light of Pakistan’s unabashed position with respect to Kashmir and Balochistan.

Pakistan has recently reverted on Modi’s Balochistan remark by stating that India has crossed the red line. One wonders which line Pakistan is talking about? There are numerous lines drawn in Pakistan with the blood of its own citizens killed due to chauvinism (honour killings), religious bigotry (unabated abuse of minorities), or terrorist activity (massacre of school children and bombings in hospitals). All these lines are Red too, one assumes.

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