Saturday, July 31, 2021
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Thirstyano Ronaldo ‘Aguacates’ Water, says ‘Go Go Cola’ at Euro Cup...

Ronaldo Sees Red Cristiano Ronaldo saw Red in the bottle of Coca Cola at the Press Meet at...

Djo Kovic Jeetha Wo Sikkander

Novak Djokovic wins the French Open after being two sets down in the final. This is his 19th Grand Slam.

Urdu, the poet’s language – Handmaiden for a regime’s image.

The struggling Pakistan Government tries to shore up its image with Urdu, the poet's language. One is reminded of one of the...

The Indian Tan gets a bad bLeach as the Bess team...

Joe Root planted himself ..AndHerSons & Sibleyngs
 Stoke(s) Her Majesty's Pride;
 The Indian tan left with a bad bLeach
with the Bess Team's win!

Cyclone Brewing in the BUREVI of Bengal

...... A couple of things have made it easier for us to 'look forward' to Burevi.(If the term looking forward to may indeed be used for a situation as this. Ni Varu Vaaya?) One is that its elder sibling, Cyclone Nivar faded away without showing much ferocity. It gives much hope to the otherwise hapless common folk, very vulnerable to nature's fury.....

Cyclone Nivar, NiVar(u vaaya?) – Are You Coming?

Cyclone Nivar In Tamil, the oldest known language on earth, Ni-var-u-Vaaya is a question, "Are You Coming?". Of course, this question is normally asked in a friendly and receptive manner; for example, a man checking whether his beloved will make the rendezvous without fail. Or, a person wishing his or her friend/ relative to visit and confirming the same. There is even a commercially successful Tamil film with a song and title itself on this familiar and much used Tamil phrase.

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