Of Billionaire Presidential hopefuls and Melania wives….

of billionaire presidential hopefuls and melania wives
photo courtesy: usmagazine.com

Of Billionaire Presidential hopefuls and Melania wives

The Republic National Convention at Cleveland formally anointed Mr Donald Trump to represent the Grand Old Party (GOP).

Trump tried to use the show at Cleveland to showcase his family values with the help of his wife and children. That his wife is the third to ‘lock’ Trump in Holy Matrimony and of his far from affectionate behavior towards her or his daughter on stage is just incidental. Whether the Billionaire loves and respects  ‘his’ Melania or not, whether the father can even care for Ivanka is not something we outside the family can never truly know. But Melania’s husband definitely seems to be under the influence of megalomania.

His tendency to create an illusion of America and Americans under attack, and positioning himself as Captain America, meant to save the US, all highlight one fact. That this Presidential Hope  speaks precious little about other aspects of the most powerful role in the current world order.

‘Republican’ Readers could possibly benchmark Donald Trump with Mr George Bush (the Junior Bush) from the Republican Party representation view and may still be pleased with themselves.  If they recollect their GOP history, another name would come to mind…. that of Abraham Lincoln.

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