Musk not Elon, most Smart Guys delude themselves into ‘perfection’

Musk not Alon, most smart guys delude themselves into Perfection
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Musk not Elon, most Smart Guys delude themselves into ‘perfection’.

At NewsTikka, we are simply in awe of Elon Musk. He must be one of the smartest guys on the planet, no doubt. The various pioneering concepts he has brought about in personal, public and space transport are amazing.

However we also observe that as with most smart men, there could be a failing. The feeling of infallibility or rather the delusion of Perfection. Maybe that is also makes these guys so successful. The ability to drive towards their vision with confidence.

One also feels they need the Alexander touch. The realization to let things be, take stock before moving ahead, if at all they do. Or sometimes simply step back when the time is not opportune. Like Alexander wisely decided not to continue to venture into India after a tough battle with Porus, one of the vassals of the mighty Maghadan empire. Instead of retreating, had Alexander really wished and tried to conquer the Indian sub-continent, History could have been different.

This is not to belittle the achievements of either Alexander or Elon Musk, but just a caveat on the perils of delusion. One fatal accident in the US and another (less serious) in China, which highlight that the self-driving technology is far from complete. As the wise say, Science and Technology may be good resources to be leveraged, but poor masters to be blindly driven by.

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