Lucknow or Never Again? ‘Tender’ Lion, torn between ‘Lal’ and ‘Li’l Brother’

Lucknow or Never Again 'Tender' Lion, torn between 'Lal' and 'Li'l Brother'
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Lucknow or Never Again. ‘Tender’ Lion, torn between ‘Lal‘ and ‘Li’l Brother’

The Lion of UP Politics, Mulayam Singh Yadav has tended the party to its current size and ‘leadership’ in Uttar Pradesh. But of late must be having sleepless nights. Mulayam (meaning Tender in Hindi) is no tenderloin in politics and thus no man’s easy meal. However, he needs

to  handle his ‘pride‘ with soft hands to avert the crisis that threatens to engulf it.

In Charge of Uttar Pradesh – The CM or the Chacha

Mulayam’s little brother Shivpal Yadav has been his associate for many years now. Mulayam ‘conferring’ the Chief Ministership of UP on Akhilesh could have been disquieting in itself to Shivpal.  Akhilesh on his part, may also have felt suffocated with his inability get his ideas executed without any shackles.

Shivpal a Minister in the UP Government may be pulling strings and moving his pawns (cronies), bypassing his nephew, the Chief Minister. Imagine poor Akhilesh’s dilemma. Stuck between his Indian upbringing (read reverence for Elders) and education (read meritocracy and systems) on one hand. On the other, confused also with the conflict that his role presents. He is not just a family member of a mostly family run political party, but also the Chief Minister of an important State.

UP is certainly not small

If India is the largest democracy in the world, UP is its most populous state and is also the third most economically important. In terms of GDP only Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu rank higher and at $150 Billion GDP in nominal terms itself, (forget PPP), UP is economically bigger than almost half the European countries.

Cool Chilli’s Comments

There could be multiple reasons for a dynasty to decline and fall.  Failure to have quite a few things in place precede the fall.

  1. The successor/s may not have earned their authority / their credibility questioned by other claimants
  2. Alienation from ground realities / over-dependence on sycophants
  3. Decentralization of Power leading to multiple power centres / rebellion
  4. External forces leveraging any or all of the above.

Lucknow must be sensing the heart burn and the bitter after taste lingering despite the reported rapprochement, but the Lion has managed his Pride at least for the time being.

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