Love locates missing Mrs. Deliverance for Babita as Tapeshwar’s 9 month search ends.

Love locates missing Mrs. Deliverance for Babita as Tapeshwar's 9 month search ends. meerut haldwani
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Love locates missing Mrs. Deliverance for Babita as Tapeshwar’s 9 month search ends

Tapeshwar marries Babita three years ago after she is left behind in a dharmashala (charity home). Her relatives leave her because she is slightly disturbed mentally.  Then she suddenly disappears. Tapeshwar has been travelling across North India on an old bicycle, displaying photographs of his wife. Trying to get information and support from passers by he encounters. Information about his wife and support for his next meal.

Finally he finds her at Haldwani.

Cool Chilli’s Comments

This real life story is heartwarming and thankfully ends on a happy note for the couple. We are also reminded of the tragic Greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice that one learnt of in school. Orpheus, the son of the God Apollo and whose music is irrestible is smitten with a nymph Eurydice.  They get married but the newly weds’ bliss is cut short. Trying to escape from one of her jealous suitors, Eurydice is bitten by a viper. Orpheus cannot bear to stay without his wife. He resolves to bring her back from the Land of the Dead, the Netherworld.

Orpheus with his music, charms even the god of the netherworld, Hades. Hades lets him take Eurydice back with him. However, she was to follow him as a shadow till she reached the light of the Living World. Orpheus was not to turn back to look at her, when she was still in the dark.

The myth has it that when Eurydice is almost into the light of the Upper World, Orpheus turns back to look at Eurdice. He may have looked to check because he was in doubt. Was she still there behind him? Or maybe he turned excitedly in anticipation.  But he had ignored Hades’ warning. He lost Eurydice a second time and forever.

Thankfully Tapeshwar kept his hopes and optimism alive and let his love locate Babita. What is nine months of trauma if it finally ends in deliverance.

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