Loathesome act at Olathe, Kansas. Native kills Indian. Trumpest rages.


 Loathesome act at Olathe, Kansas.

Sridhar Kuchibhotla was shot dead and his friend Alok Madasani was injured by an gunman Adam Purinton in a bar. An American Ian Grillot who tried to stop the assailant is also injured.   The Tempest generated by President Donald Trump rages in many a human breast. Some are convinced, Trump is right. Many feel he has made it possible for negative energies as Adam’s to vent itself.

Cool Chilli’s Views

Sad. Loathesome act at Olathe.
No Gun Control.

No ‘ghun’  (quality or character In Sanskrit/Hindi) to control insecurity.
Arms available at hand to give vent to the frustration on account of the above.

Whether skin is Black, White, Red, Brown or Yellow, most of us are ‘Tribal’.

Easy for ‘People Like Us’ to think ‘People Like Them’ are different from us. 

Hence hostility towards ‘them’ is acceptable. They/Them ought to be children of a lesser god.

Even if they have not acted in any manner injurious to us. 

All because they are different.

Better if ‘they’ can be despatched (into the back of beyond) summarily; without any risk of them coming back in ever again.

Do I ever stop to think I myself could be a flea or could ever have been one?  

Did the ‘dinosaurs’ realize they could get extinct?

Maybe a natural turn of events / chance factors did them in.

Maybe we are too intelligent to have to depend on chance. 🙂  

We need to consciously work towards internalizing the old Sanskrit adage of ‘Vaasudeva Kutumbakam’, The World is One Family.

The alternative is there would be no narrative (left).