Kerala Flood Relief – Furore over Foreign Aid – Much Ado over Nothing?


Much Aido About Nothing 

We have seen many tragedies day after day due to the Kerala Floods. It almost seemed as if we may not laugh anymore, especially those emotionally linked (through family and friends) to Kerala. Amidst his great tragedies and histories, Shakespeare wrote a few comedies too. The Kerala misfortune, likewise also gave us reasons to smile, thanks to the many glimpses of humane support and the will to battle adversity. To ensure that we do not miss out on the smiles and guffaws for a comical reason, Chief Minister Mr Pinarayi Vijayan too has led from the front. But we are jumping the gun….

The Tragic Background

Indeed, just a month ago, Kerala had almost been a ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ of a State, God’s Own Country. It might have been about two weeks, but by The Twelfth Night, the masses had weathered enough to see and feel their Life’s/ Love’s Labour Lost. More than Rs 20,000 crores is the estimated loss, Measure for Measure  …..and maybe will take considerable time to rebuild. Mathematics obviously cannot do justice to the numerous lives lost and innumerable ones shattered by the spate of Tempests.     

Pining due to Policy

Towards the end of the fury vent by Nature, much furore was also created by Mr Vijayan/ the Congress/ some opposition members. The background was the rejection by the Indian Government of all foreign aid. That this was merely in continuation of a foreign policy existing for more than a decade is an inconvenient truth. But, As You Like It, some may not, especially, those who may use such aid or it’s rejection for their political or personal ends. Foreign policy is never a simple line and like Cymbeline’s story, often full of twists and turns. But then a Pinarayi may as well believe there is a genuine JuliAid out there, questioning, “o PinaRomeo, o PinaRomeo wherefore art thou foreigno?”       

To Be or not To Be, Kerala CM

Also, had the Chief Minister been Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, he might have been forced to murmer, “To Be or Not to be (Aided), that is the question…”

To cut a long story short, the understanding about UAE offering aid seems to have been a Comedy of Errors. Mr Pinarayi Vijayan may not have learnt from the Merry Wives of Windsor that one False Staff-member or fake news could undo him. Mr. Vijayan is surely no Merchant of aVarice. He should have checked personally with The Two Gentlemen (whether of Verona or not), Mr Yousuf Ali (Keralite Businessman) and the UAE official concerned. Had Pinarayi recollected Poloniusadvice to his son Laertus, he may not have faltered. But then, these lapses can be effected by the best of us. Such is life

On our part we pray for God’s Own Country and hope All’s Well and That Ends Well.        

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