Joker may be one of the Three Aces today, WomenBuildOn, Harleen’s Leap


The dJoker To Become Another Ace Today?

The dJokor is on the verge of becoming one of the three aces in Men’s tennis. This is at least in terms of the 20 Grand Slam wins, his key contemporaries are currently on. In terms of future potential, he looks surely to do more than the ageing Federer or the less ageing (but more injury prone) Nadal. But today’s final will be NoVak in the park for him. He still has to get better at it than Berrettini. Else it may be Game, Set & Matteo. 

WomenBuildOn… & on

Berrettini on his part has a piece of history too, to play for. He may become the first Italian to win the All-England Championships. Italians may hope he has the panache of a Panatta or Pietrangeli (‘Italian’ French Open winners). Will He Be Don? Whether the result will be in straight sets or will the game see-saw? Time will tell. But there is a donna striking a blow for women’s empowerment in Sports. Marija Cicak will be the first ever Female Chair Umpire at the Wimbledon men’s singles final. Along with history, a bit of Her Story is also in the making. WomenBuildOn…and On…

Harleen Caught & Social Media is Bowled. Video of Her Leap gets eyeballs

Building on the Wimbledon final, one notes with glee, the fabulous catch on the boundary line by Indian woman cricketer, Harleen Deol. Her Leap was surely the highlight of the Deol between India & England. Though the Indian eves lost the match, improving Herthleticism is a great sign. Would we not travel miles to just watch Jonty or Jadeja field with the athleticism and presence of mind that Harleen displayed.

Post his Century, This Warrior for Ayurveda, Moves To Another Wicket

One also notes with a tinge of sadness, the passing away of PK Warrier, the great Ayurveda practitioner. In an increasingly complex world with multiple variables at play, modern medicine as in allopathy is still only playing catch up. Ayurveda which has stood the test of time over millennia needs (from cynics) a more granular and open-minded approach. Allopathy by practice is fixated on a particular molecule which hopefully may rid an issue. This may be simplistic in approach. For the reason that 1) Super bugs learn to develop resistance to this. 2) The long term effects of this molecule on other aspects of health may surface very late.

An AyurStanding Innings Surely

Not that Ayurveda does not have its share of challenges. It is increasingly believed (how fairly is a question) to use heavy metals that in some cases actually do more harm than good. But a practice that has survived millennia may have been doing a few things right surely. As consumers increasingly wish to get more natural, Ayurveda seems well placed to build on what has survived and get back to better health. Souls like PK Warrier have played no small part in this, for eg. treating about 1500 out-patients free everyday is a huge outgo, no ordinary institution may afford free-of-cost.