Jeff Do It – Space Beckons Bezos More ; At 6s & 7s on Sec 66A; Stan’s Stance – Maybe the Swami Knows


Jeff Do It – Space Beckons Bezos More – An Amazon Journey, An Amazon Opportunity – Beyond our Blue Origin

Abra Cadabra! Times are changing. It has been an action packed 27 years for Jeff Bezos since packing, unpacking and re-packing the company, initially named ‘Cadabra’. But his ‘relentless’ (another name initially toyed with) pursuit of hopp-iness (as in courier and parcel hops) has enabled him to be one of the richest in the world. An Amazon journey.

It is believed our Work and our Life Partner play critical roles in our Happiness. On the conjugal front, he has gotten away, Scott-free. Sanchez are, Lauren it too. Jeff must now wish to focus on Blue Origin, the space travel company. A relentless visionary indeed. If space colonies on Moon and Mars develop, surely a lot of logistics needed… both of Human Resources and Material. An Amazon opportunity.   

At 6s and 7s, on Sec 66A, Six Years After the SC Struck It Down

The Honourable Supreme Court in 2015 felt that Article 19 of the Constitution (safeguarding free speech) rendered obsolete, Sec 66A of the Information Technology Act (relevant to postings on social media). Sec 66A was thus struck down. However the police across the country have been booking citizens across the country on the same section. Don’t know if there is a provision for the police officials to be booked for booking individuals under wrong sections. One believes ignorance of any law is not a valid excuse for an otherwise educated individual who is caught flouting it. Likewise, are the police officials involved in the Sec 66A bookings, culpable, though otherwise capable?

Stan’s Stance – The Swami In The Heaven Above & his Employers on Earth May Really Know   

Sad to note the demise of a man who is believed to have spent a major chunk of his life fighting for the rights of tribals. Elites and the educated in urban areas may scarcely know the challenges faced in championing the cause of the underprivileged. One only wishes that he had been occupied only in theses human rights activities and not the ones that have been alleged about him… of collaborating with Maoists.

It would be a real travesty of justice if his selfless efforts as a Human Rights Defender had ruffled feathers wishing to keep the tribals ‘shackled’. Assuming of course that Father Stan was NOT primarily engaged in Development of the Market for his employers and Human Rights Violations were not just occupational opportunities to be leveraged.