Be ISRO or ISI baath pe attke raho


Be ISRO or ISI baath pe attke raho

India as a country has come a long way. It has built several institutions which are  comparable to the best in the world (if not the best). The Indian Space Research Organization, if not the Jewel in India’s Crown is amongst its great accomplishments.

A bit disconcerted with ISRO’s 100th launch which put 31 satellites in different orbits, Pakistan now warns about the increasing threat (to Pakistan), due to ISRO’s success. Pakistan, founded on the idea of an ISLAMIC State is more ISI  (Pakistan’s terror nurturing outfight) and less CALM. A sad state of affairs where minorities are routinely roasted. And sadder that even the majority is divided into enough minorities to make the Quaid-e-azam’s idea behind Pakistan’s formation look quixotic.

The real Jewel in India’s crown meanwhile is its ability to make its Democratic Institutions work despite all the challenges. and internal naysayers. Not just becoming a senior Technocrat and a Space Research Organization Leader, a devout Muslim with a humble background can become its First Citizen too. With his long locks, the venerable Abdul Kalam may also be referred to, as the Crowning Glory of India’s Egalitarianism and Pluralism. 

The message for Pakistan is clear. Become like India/ ISRO or ISI baat pe attke raho (become like ISRO or remain stuck in your rhetoric). A Tamil proverb says One can keep falling on the ground and still claim moral victory on the ground that the moustache is still free of dust.  

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