Islam has no Truck with Terror. But Jihad not so Nice!

Islam has no truck with terror. But Jihad not so nice!
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Islam has no Truck with Terror. But Jihad not so Nice!  The recent carnage using a truck to mow down people at Nice, France is appalling. It only shows the mindset of the Jihadist! Kill by any means, at any cost.

People branding Islam in toto is unfortunate. But these incidents force us to dwell on what the practitioners of  Islam could do, to improve perceptions. Somewhere the impression that the general populace may get is that most followers of Islam (peace loving though they may be) hold the religion and its rituals on a higher platform than the normally accepted laws of the land they reside in. Unless the Muslim leaders work consciously to get their flock more into the mainstream, which also means less orthodoxy and more openness, the average citizen may get more wary of the religion.

The thumb rule could be, if it is not absolutely needed, junk it for the over all good. Some efforts of omission or commission by peace-loving Muslims will do much service to Islam’s image. It would help us avoid creating more Trumps!

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