Human Citizen’s Mann Ki Baat 7 – Citizens at Crossroads



Citizens at Crossroads – Mrs Vikram ( A Reader)

I am at the Crossroads. To be or not to be, right or wrong, will it or will it not….the current situation engulfing TN confuses the simple mind of an average citizen. There are scores of social media messages that share so much information about the existing government. When the mind decides that these people are really wrong and decides to support the more just faction and steps out, the posters adorning every compound wall hailing the wrong doers makes the mind wonder, “Will justice ever prevail”?

Between the Right and Wrong, Citizen Left in the Lurch 

The average mind wonders, who is right and who is wrong? If the wrong doers are the rulers then where is the question of correcting the wrong? People were convicted of wrong doings. The top leader and her associates were punished by the highest and most powerful court of this Land. The leader may be no more but her close aide is the dealer now. Bars are no  bar. The government being run is a proxy government.

Resenting those Representing   

The law and the constitution wanted numbers and just that! Is this fair on the 77.88 million population of Tamilnadu? Did just the 122 so called elected representatives matter much more than the total population? Yes, we voted this party and its representatives to power; the people of TN did cast their vote for this party. Does not the law know the convicts better than people who voted for them?

Is choosing the lesser of two evils, a real Choice? 

Agree that many of us may have been aware of all the corruption cases we are speaking of. In spite of that we did vote this party to power. Why? A set of the population did it for the icon their founder leader was, many did for the charisma of the then (alive) leader, and many did as we were given little choice…..which was the lesser evil, not which was the better one. We avoided the known devil and preferred the charismatic mermaid (damsel) in the deep sea. The damsel in the deep sea who was already swirling in the multi crore scam whirlpool.

Setting the Proxy among the Pigeons

The voter public across the spectrum feels cheated, confused and let down. The charismatic leader whom they voted for is no more, and her aide has tried to trample upon popular  view and snatch power. Since the Supreme Court has punished her, she has set her Proxy amongst the Pigeons (Citizens). The voter is punished for no fault of hers. TN suffers. 

The Floor Test that floored us

The Floor test pulled the rug under the Voter’s feet. The common woman/voter may not have complete knowledge and understanding of the legislative/constitutional processes but he has the knowledge to understand that it was stage managed, with ample rehearsals resorted to as well.

In Ending we Note

  • “We need our assembly floor clean. Give elections to people and they will speak their mind,” Mr Kamal Haasan, actor, told to NDTV on an exclusive interview. 
  • With a petition on garnering more than 1, 50,000 supporters as of Feb, 7, 2017, is it not a message for that entire family?
  • Is there a better way in which the public can reach out and express displeasure at the turn of events in TN?
  • Will public opinion and thought be heard at all by the law makers,  if they did should we have not seen some positive change in the state?
  • Once bitten, twice shy! Will this current turn of events discourage the average voter from taking a clear stand on casting his/her mandate in the future elections?

When will the human citizen have a breather from the politics being played on the voter?

(We thank Mrs Vikram for her views which must strike a chord with most citizens. )