How Invaginasive!


invaginasiveDear Reader,

Science has of late understood what a few ancient cultures already knew. That the life in the mother’s womb wasn’t half as unreceptive as one may have thought. The Ramayana and the Mahabharatha contain stories about Ashtavakra and Abhimanyu respectively who learnt much from their fathers while still inside the maternal tummy.

It also indicates that ancient Indian Women engaged in intellectual discussions with their partners.

Cutting to the present, a Spanish company is making Babypods (mothers to insert the speakers) to enable moms-to-be encourage mental development of the embryo with some music. Cool Chilli believes this is a bit invasive.

Having music outside and letting the little one perk up its ears for a better hearing is one thing. Physically invading its neighbourhood, however well intentioned is another. In the first case, the kid could just turn a blind eye or rather ear if it wasn’t in the mood or if it’s tastes were different.

In the latter case, it could be a very unwelcome intrusion and the mother a very unwitting perpetrator.