Hillary’s Comment: Trump ‘gatecrashes’ Lincoln’s Party

Hillarys comment Trump gatecrashes Lincolns Party
photo courtesy: thefiscaltimes.com

Hillary’s Comment: Trump ‘gatecrashes’ Lincoln’s Party.

The Presidential race between Clinton and Trump seems close, with Clinton still having a slight edge over Trump. Republican Trump, for all his faux pas, has managed to be within striking distance of the Democratic Lady.

Some may say it is a little too late, but Trump has in the past few days been unabashedly wooing the minorities especially the African-Americans. He has been trying to get a few ‘brownie’ points by blaming the current Democrat Government of ignoring their interest.

Hillary Clinton on her part has accused Donald Trump of not being worthy of Abraham Lincoln’s mantle. As the (Republican) President of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln had ushered in a new life for the African-Americans by abolishing slavery.

Cool Chilli’s view is that The Republican eco-system could not have got a candidate more different from the venerable Abraham Lincoln (Honest Abe as he used to be known) than Mr.  Trump. The two would be chalk and cheese . The Republican brass-tacks may baulk at Trump, but their rank and file chose him. Had the latter benchmarked Abe, they may not have concluded that Trump was able.

It would be interesting to find out whom the American people finally choose. But that verdict is still a few weeks away. Till then, these two contenders should be giving the NewsTikka team and our Readers enough food for thought.

Are you able to peer ahead and guess the future occupant of The White House? It would be interesting to read your views.