Hu-man, He-woman, She-man, E-man !



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WTF…there may be less conservative expansions compared to Weird Trending Fun….
But the news of former US Senator Harris Wofford remarrying is questioning our conventional notions of sexuality, sexual attraction and love. Why so? This widower, now aged 90, having three kids (through his wife who passed away 20 years earlier) is now planning to marry his 40 year old lover of 15 years. Not very eyebrow raising, until we realize that the lover is a male.  A few months earlier, we read about a celebrity male, who after years of marriage realized the male Bruce Jenner better be Caitlyn Jenner, the woman.

A thought which is creating some disquiet is that we are evolving in the purpose behind sex/sexual bonding. Advanced Reproductive Technologies (ART) is making it possible for humans to reproduce without sexual activity. The act meant for pro-creation evolves into one for recreation. When it comes to recreation, the more flavours, the merrier. The concept of sexing up one’s love life is taking a whole new meaning these days. Once this probably meant changing partners since some sought variety through this type of change. Now it could also mean changing one’s gender itself or the gender inclination to begin with.

Many of the modern practices that we see are already represented or referred to in ancient Indian thoughts including the Arthashastra, Manusmriti and Mahabharata. But for the imposition of Victorian morals and Macaulayism, modern Indian society could have been very different.

Cutting to the present, we now have women who realize they are more men and prefer women partners. Men likewise. Humanoids or E-men are still not so commonplace, but they are coming.
Hu-man, He-woman-She-man, He-man , E-Man… Each of us needs to have the space to live the life we wish, without fear of shame.  But with so many possibilities for sexual inclinations and  the attendant sensitivities required thereby, one wonders how the restrooms in public places will be demarcated in the future?