GST Clubbing Two rates into one, Trump CFO a mere pawn, weaseling out?


GST – Golden Standard Tax – Golden Mean between 12% and 18%?

The GST (Goods & Services Tax) has been one game changer brought in by the Indian Government. Begun under Dr Manmohan Singh, it was implemented by the successor Modi government. After the initial trials and tribulations, the system has been working well with increased collections validating its efficacy and acceptance. But the many layers of GST are vexing, especially for similar types of goods & services which fall in either the 12% GST and the 18% GST.

Mind you, one does not grudge the 0% tax or the 5% tax which are helpful for the more vulnerable, nor should one have any umbrage against the 28% GST (Gluttony Symptom Tax on Super Cars, Spirits etc) on elitist products. Since 65% of the items fall between 12% and 18%. The Revenue Secretary, Mr Tarun Bajaj has indicated a golden mean between them. It is unfair to expect a truly golden mean (one standard GST rate) in the immediate future. But if it were to come, it would surely mean India’s golden age (as in its history with 30%+ of Global GDP) is returning.  

June Bride, Pride and Professional Progress

Traditionally in the western hemisphere, June has held Pride of place for marriages for various reasons, as one reads in the internet. One of them being Juno (wife of Jupiter and Goddess of Marriage) and the person, the month is named after. Another possibility is that baths were more of an annual ritual in those regions and used to happen in May/ June. Obviously any self-respecting woman would wish to be married when she looked the prettiest, freshly bathed and all that.

Of late June is associated with the LGBTQ+ Movement too. It was nice to see all and sundry company logos, suddenly getting a rainbow tinge across social media platforms. Nothing makes our heart light and gay as much as a rainbow. June 2021 also witnessed a recovery in job advertisements, after a slump due to the Second Wave of Covid. This must surely bring cheer to many jobseekers. Best wishes to them. With rains also progressing well, careers too should see helpful showers.    

Trump Organization CFO Hoping To ‘Weissel’ Out   

Allen Weisselberg, the CFO of the Donald Trump Organization (DTO) has surrendered to the authorities. We have yet to get the reaction of the ex-PoTUS, Mr Donald Trump. But the DTO has said that Mr Weisselberg is being used as a pawn by the Law. We are not sure whether the authorities will be viewing the CFO as a Trump card in their arraignments. But Trump may not feel ‘Allen is Well’ after his CFO has decided to weasel out on him.