Go, Poke Around, man. But avoid trees.


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Go, Poke Around, man. But avoid trees.

The newly released, ‘crazily’ popular mobile game, Pokémon Go has seen gamers cross barricades/fences, trespass into others’ properties, driving their car into police vehicles all because of their complete focus on their mobile screens. The game which is about capturing various Pokémon characters in various real life sceneries has on a couple of days earlier seen a weird situation. An American lady from New Jersey has entered a cemetery at night and in the course of chasing a Pokémon character has actually climbed a tree.

All this in the course of playing Pokémon Go.  Ordinary mortals would be wary of spirits in cemeteries. But Pokémon Go has made this gamer more spirited. She met trees. Even climbed them at night. She had to call Emergency from her mobile and take the fire department’s help to descend.

The good thing about Games is they give us a high. But if we need assistance to bring us back to earth, it is a cause for concern.