Fungi way to Recycle?

The fungibility of fungi
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Fungi way to Recycle? Researchers are finding remarkable ways to leverage properties of natural organisms like bacteria and fungi to solve problems before Man. Some could make a tongue-in-cheek remark that the latter three lettered word is the biggest problem, the free radical playing havoc.

But coming back to the latest finding……scientists have discovered that fungi could be leveraged to leach out valuable (and scarce) Lithium from dead batteries. This is the latest in the growing list of innovative techniques coming to light.

When one thinks of fungi, one gets reminded of fungibility. This is a term Cool Chilli has heard from Human Resource professionals. in HR terms, a fungible employee is one who can easily adapt to another role as needed by the firm. Like an all-rounder in a cricket team. In difficult times, fungible employees are not easily retrenched. The firm also benefits because they need not look elsewhere for talent. Fungible employees are therefore an HR Manager’s dream resource.

Back to the recent discovery…. We may still have more ways to leverage the fungibility of the fungi and bacteria than we have thought of. Please share your thought dear Reader….

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