From the same Womb, but sadly Poles apart

Same Womb, but sadly Poles apart
illustration: Sooriya

From The Same Womb, but Poles Apart

Bharatavarsha or Hindustan was the womb that gave birth to two countries India and Pakistan, thanks to the Partition in 1947. Of late these two siblings have become the most watched countries on earth. India has always filled up the room with its spiritual aura but of late is also becoming an economic power in a constructive manner. It is also willingly taking environmental pledges and measures far more than any other similar country has done or is doing. Even at the risk of possible pressures it is putting on its ‘growth’ engines, India is more than eager to contribute to the global good.

Pakistan plays with Guns and drugs

Pakistan on the other hand, has been rated as one of the most dangerous countries in the world by the World Economic Forum recently. The ‘Global Travel and Tourism Report’ of the WEF has ranked Pakistan the fourth most dangerous country. It must be no small consolation for the citizens of this beleaguered country that this nation state fares slightly better than the worst states in Central America or Africa. The soul of the late Qaid-E-Azam, as Mr Mohammed Ali Jinnah is respectfully called, would definitely be troubled.

India far from safe

India, as a matter of fact, has been rated the 11th most dangerous place. This is a sobering wake-up call for various administrators in India, at the State and Central levels. Many might aver that Pakistan itself is responsible for the various mis-happenings in India. While there may be some logic/evidence for this thought process, the fact is that a lot needs to change in India as well. Not everything wrong in India can be traced to Pakistan or for that matter dumped at the doorstep of the Indian Political class.

Cool Chilli’s Comments

While the WED report refers to physical danger or  fear for life, we at NewsTikka would like to talk about  other factors too. Factors that impact or contribute to  healthy  conditions holistically… be they social, political or economic. Respecting the law, even basic rules of traffic or civic sense need to become our foremost religion. Currently it is convenience that we bow our heads to, first. If there is a danger of getting caught or being shamed, we abide by the rules, else abdicate our responsibility.

Complaining about corruption is valid, provided we respect road rules or don’t try to ‘pay off’ a traffic cop or even suggest connections with top VIPs. There is merit in crying about women’s safety if we treat them as equals and don’t objectify them, as some of us are guilty of.  We are all born of the womb and thus disrespect to the womb and its bearer is condemnable. Women too cannot deny rights for their maids or service-providers, which they themselves are ‘privileged’ to have or fight for.

Social Revolution

We need a social revolution. The Prime Minister’s Swach Bharat Initiative is a great step towards cleansing the critical elements of society. Cleanliness in our surroundings is an important first step. Hopefully this cleanliness will seep inside us as well. (It is far easier to spew paan juice on a dirty road than a clean one.) We start thinking and working more cleanly with less corrupt actions.

Political Will to be rejuvenated

Obviously, Political will is needed. The erring citizen must be punished to ensure that they realize and correct their ways. Also those who respect the law don’t get into a cynical mode seeing the squalour around them. The  violence from naxalites or Maoists is also something that our politicians or administration cannot but take responsibility for.  These misguided elements may also be influenced/supported by ‘foreign hands’. But we cannot ignore the fact that foreign hands had a ready platform to work upon. Decades of abuse, neglect and/or harassment of the vulnerable sections of society by the politicians and the conniving administrative set-up can be blamed. This helped create enough frustration and haplessness for Maoists to exploit in their efforts to make inroads .

Political Will is important , but not sufficient

In ending, we believe both are necessary. Political/ Administrative Will is surely a must. Also, the awakening and realization of the common man that Society cannot be better than he himself is. As we also raise Spiritual Quotient in our society, some of it will also rub off on the neighbour-hood, hopefully.

In the Sermon of the Mound, one of Jesus’ touching parables is that of the return of the prodigal son. Jesus may have used the metaphor to convey that a repentant person is ever welcome in the eyes of the Almighty. In our less metaphysical discussions, we hope that the blessed Mother-land that was Bharata Varsha, or  Hindustan (the land that poet Mohammed Iqbal celebrated with his ‘Saare Jahan Se Achcha!’ composition), sees her sons living in peace together. If under one roof, all the better! The Womb that has borne the pangs of partition deserves this surely.

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