Fatwa on Nahid Afrin. Singer says “Nahin Afraid” (am not afraid) to 46 Assam Clerics.



Nahid Afrin faces ‘fatwa’ 

Nahid Afrin, a 16 year old girl from Assam has received a ‘fatwa’ for singing on the TV reality show Indian Idol. The clerics of 46 Muslim organizations from Assam have issued this fatwa because they believe singing and performing is against the Sharia.

Nahin Afraid’ , says Nahid Afrin. Community gets another role model.

The singer has come out bravely against this ‘fatwa’ by saying she is not afraid of continuing to perform. It is commendable that the young girl is standing up to this. Readers may recollect a similar sad situation a few weeks back. A 16 year old Kashmiri Muslim actress, was forced to apologize for acting in ‘Dangal’.  Ironically, Dangal was about a father breaking out of his own mindset and helping his daughters achieve success in a sport like wrestling. A sport which has been seen as a masculine pursuit in traditional society.

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 Better a Muslim in ‘Hindoostan’ than being persecuted in Pakistan

The Muslim community in India is slowly coming out of the cocoon that its (community’s) clerics had tried to consign it to, for long. The vast majority of this significant ‘minority’ community already realizes the benefits and the opportunities that a secular country like India offers. All of this, in an atmosphere which is generally free of religious strife barring stray incidents (very regrettable and condemnable) in the 70 years of India’s independence.

Anyone having any doubt, need only look at that unfortunate neighbour called Pakistan. A state, sadly on the verge of implosion, where even Muslims don’t feel safe depending on the region. A Muslim majority country, where Hindu girls getting kidnapped and being forcibly married after conversion is not uncommon.  Even the most obtuse Asaduddin Owaisi fan will not have such fears for his or her daughter in India. 

Cool Chilli’s Comments

Clerks and Officers sometimes hijack the Organization’s Vision and Mission to ensure job security

A beautiful religion which was amongst the first to be practical about many aspects of life incuding safeguarding women’s rights is being hijacked by its clerks or officers wherever they may be in the hierarchy. Community Clerics and their stance on various subjects have created an image of Islam as narrow minded, very backward looking, and non-amenable to the needs of modern times. Fringe outfits like the Taliban, the ISIS etc definitely don’t do much service to Islam, though they claim to fight for the religion .

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  1. It would be sad if it were not so silly! When the whole country wants to move towards a India that is free from casteism, communalism and elitism, we have dolts like this trying to ruin the fragile fabric of Indian secularism. It also angers me to see the media reactions to this – most of them buried it in the inside pages! If it were a right-wing party doing this (definitely not pardonable) it would be front page news, with the regular jokers carrying out a token protest march with award wapasi thrown in for good measure!!!
    But as usual I’m hopeful for a new India – I may not see it but I’m sure my progeny will