Poetic Justice – Etching EUROCUP With PenItaly, Messi’s CV Neymar misses Title, Uncivil to Let Civil Code be Un uniform


Poetic Justice – Penalty Round Sometimes Is

EuroCup2020 finally concluded in 2021 with some heart-break for the home fans. But no excuse surely justifies the violent and uncivil behaviour of a section of English fans. This actually left a more bitter taste than the sub-par performance of the England team. If we remove the very early goal scored by England and the wonderful work by Pickford, the English goal keeper. Grealish did try to spin some magic in the game in the little time he had. But it may have been a case of too little too late.

PenITALY Shootout

With 61% possession of the ball and 91% passing accuracy (vis a vis England’s 39% and 78%), Italy were almost always threatening to score a goal. But the Italian defence, though ageing was definitely a Bonucci and with Captain Chiellini’s JioAurJio attitude, never said die. It was nice to see the English team and officials rally behind the three who failed in the shootout. It is a platitude to say, the three non Anglo-Saxon players, Rashford, Sancho and Saka getting it right would have changed the final. One also wonders what might have been. The jingoism and racism would have been under wraps!!!

Messi’s CV Ney Mar Misses International Title

Come Curriculum Vitae are more remarkable for a ‘Celebrity Vacuum’. For all their otherwise spectacular content, seemingly easily filled, but still not. Fellow football-great Cristiano Ronaldo somehow filled that with his Euro Cup 2016 victory for Portugal. In his otherwise illustrious career, this vacuum had been Lionel’s bane. A CV without any major international title for his Country (if we discount the 2008 Olympics Gold), as a player or as Captain. But thankfully, an Angel did show mercy and di Maria ensured the CV is filled. Brazilian Neymar may have been disappointed in his team’s loss to Argentina. But he must also be happy in a way…. that his friend Messi’s CV Ney Mar misses an International Title

‘Why Unite with Uniformity, when Diversity could be so Diversionary?’  

-The SHOWHeels’ Motto

Uncivil To Let Civil Code Be Un-uniform

The Delhi High Court has again re-iterated the need to progress on the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) as envisaged in Article 44 of the Indian Constitution. With marriages also increasing between partners of different faiths, there was need to have a standard Civil Law in the Honorable High Court’s view. The landmark Shah Bano case showcased the Supreme Court’s sagacity. This SC decision was overturned by legislative action. Though this shook the Conscience of the nation, concrete legislative steps to bring in the UCC is awaited. The irony is that such a secular and egalitarian piece of legislation may just be the kind of stuff, the organizers of the ShowHeel Bagh may be waiting for. Policy makers need to be Decisive, though ShowHeels may cry ‘Divisive’. As is evident, the ShowHeels’ motto behind all the facade of oneness and conformity may as well be, ‘Why Unite with Uniformity, when Diversity could be so Diversionary?’