ErrRAWtica! Agent and A Lady. Comic Strips Ethics.


ErrRAWtica! Agent and A Lady. Comic Strips Ethics !

Trends in Journalism 

For some time now, we have been feeling Journalism (print + Audio visual) could not plumb newer depths.  In the past few decades, we have read/ seen/ ‘hearst‘ about quite a few blunders (to put them very mildly). Journalists writing about a mob/ massacre that never happened. TV anchors unwittingly or otherwise telling ISI/ Pakistan army where the Indian army men working on a sensitive operation were. 

There used to be a time when mainstream newspapers were prudish to the point of being ‘stale’. They used to look down at tabloids as ‘yellow journalism‘ etc.  Those were the Times. TOImes are changing and how. We definitely have some positive changes. News being presented in a more reader friendly and attractive manner. We also have typical mainstream papers trying to cater to all segments of potential readership. Sports, Economics, Social Change, just to name a few, in addition to politics. Even the latter (traditionally associated the most with News media) is enlivened with informative graphics. For some years now, amidst our Busybee lives we have also had the likes of Alec Smart tickling our grey cells in a Jugular VeinCool Chilli’s Salutations to Bachi Karkaria,  Jug Suraiya and the late Behram Contractor!!! 

Agent Rana : Licence to be Licentious?

For some years now, filmfare and flimsy wear have also been added to increase the glamour quotient of newspapers. Somehow one just shrugged and took it in one’s stride. Most of us sub-consciously know that many of these film folks anyway live lives, which we ordinary mortals would not be able to lead or for that matter, even follow!!!

But just when we thought that the Editors and their bosses have had enough libido pressed into their Licences, we see licentiousness creeping in graphically. On one hand there is a SPARK to encourage (young) students to read more of the paper in pursuit of TIMES scholarship. But sadly enough, these young and fertile minds are also being shown and sown with ideas which would make any right thinking reader squirm. Agent Rana can act RAW with Alia if she feels the time is ripe. Inter Alia, she can be focussed on her story. She may hit it off with Rana and they may hit the sack together too. But the idea being subliminally (read blatantly) conveyed is that the end justifies the means. It is all right to do anything as long as it is fun/adventurous.

Shenanigans of agent and lady journalist (or vice versa…. no gender/ professional stereotyping) may be age old. But not in a newspaper which is exhorting young readers/ leaders to read/ lead. Agent or a Lady, but Rana-ing out of ethics is Scandalous and Scary ….

Credo: Just facts please. But Get It…. Lifted or Laid.  

Any reporter/ journalist (could be any professional for that matter), otherwise hardworking and intelligent cannot complain to his or her boss. If the Supervisor were to ask him or her, “Have you done enough on the subject/ with the subject?” Whether male or female, the answer has to be, with all gravity, ” I have even been lifted and/ or laid!!”.  Favours/ tactics of the intercourse kind are par for the coitus. Do what it takes, but get the story……get the idea??? We need to put the newspaper to bed, so please put your morality/ ethics to bed as well.

There is a lot of debate on professional ethics these days and especially so in journalism. For example, reports on a visit have to clearly mention that such and such entity has funded the visit. Maybe it would become mandatory for journalists to mention that they have not been ‘lifted or laid’ by any of the ‘characters/ by-standers’ in the story. So much for professional upliftment.

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