Twitter ‘questioning’ Amul’s content, however temporarily, looks unwarranted ? Amul was talking of exiting the dragon in a reference to the calls for boycott of Chinese goods.

Amul’s Topical on the Call To Boycott Chinese Goods

We know the Dragon cannot laugh, ?nor does it permit its own citizens to. ?Human progress depends on our ability to find humour and hope in the toughest situations. ?

As long as humour does not hurt feelings/ does not kill sensitivities/ does not provide violence etc ( in a thoughtless manner), it is the sign of a progressive society.

Let us hope Twitter and other right thinking establishments do not fall prey to the dragon deviousness. One actually started falling in love with dragons after watching the beautiful and heartwarming film, How To Train Your Dragon. All life is precious. Live and Let Live.

We hope the establishment that is donning the Dragon’s Avatar also sees reason and the wisdom of the above world view….sooner than later.
The world has much to learn from China and vice versa.

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