Drone Team to drill in discipline

Drone Team to drill in discipline on accident prone road
photo courtesy: thehindu.com

Drone Team to drill in discipline on accident prone highway.

The authorities have decided to leverage technology to make the picturesque highway between Mumbai and Pune safer. Drones with cameras would be hovering overhead to monitor traffic movement and relay information to base stations. This is a very welcoming development. This would also reduce pressure on the  the already stretched police force.

The pressure is now on the highway driver. He or she has to ensure that one’s pleasure does not become another’s pain. The typical Indian attitude is of ‘chalta hai’ (literally meaning ‘it walks’ , colloquially means ‘it is ok’ or ‘it works’). On this road at least, this attitude will not work any more. Lane-cutting, over speeding, bullying and such abominable behavior may become a thing of the past. Instead of ‘Chalta hai’, reckless drivers may start cautioning themselves, ‘udtha hai’ (it flies).

Here’s hoping this Dream Team of policemen and Drones works well to make highways safer and journeys more pleasurable.

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