Dilip Kumar Saab, bids adieu, one last time


Dilip Saab – Gets his Last & Final Call from THE DIRECTOR

More than growing up growing, one has grown up, reading, thanks to supportive friends, willingly sharing their books while classes were going on (not that I am too proud of this). The other being the  Landlord’s son, who sportively shared of his bounty. Two writers that come to mind is Samuel Longhorn Clemens and Jerome K Jerome. Not many but the really passionate reader/ lover of subtle humour and wit may be familiar with the latter. The former would be more recognizable under his nom de plume. Twain, Mark Twain. One of the more famous quotes of Mark Twain is ‘The news of my demise is grossly exaggerated’. One of the small pleasures of our own Bollywood Tragedy-king would have been issuing similar statements time and again. No other Celebrity (at least Indian) would have ‘died’ as many times as Dilip Kumar.

The report of my Death was an exaggeration.

– Mart Twain (www.MentalFloss.com)

A ‘Kalyana Chaavu’ – a ‘welfare’ farewell

I have heard this in Tamil households. When an elderly person with no responsibilities/ obligations left in this material world passes into the hereafter, it is a ‘kalyana chaavu’, ‘a good/welfare farewell’, if ever there was a play on words. Taken in that sense, the demise of Dilip Kumar, 98, one of Cool Chilli’s favourite actors, long suffering and in and out of medical care for some time now, is surely not a tragedy. Maybe as a cricket loving actor, he may have wished to make a century. But he has had many lives along the way.


Sadly enough, like the much richer playwright and poet Kalidasa is often referred to as ancient India’s Shakespeare, Dilip Kumar has had to hear himself referred to as India’s Marlon Brando. In his own words, Dilip Saab began getting into Method acting long before Brando. But such is life. It gives some, and takes some. We may or may not call Vidhaata a Saudagar for having taken this Leader, some Nadiya Ke Paar, but for long we will remember this Mashaal of Method acting, who brought a Naya Daur to Hindi Cinema as part of the triumvirate, a Devdas who brought Andaz to Tragedy.

Giving Life To Tragedy – Di Lip Way?

Om Shanthi, Mohammed Yusuf Khan, urf Dilip Kumar Saab,. You gave so much Life to Tragedy. Your death doesn’t feel tragic. Why question Life’s Method?